Season Schedule 2022

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Weekly Recurring Events

Social Bowls

Tuesday thru Thursdays 10am, 2pm & 6pm

Club Games

Saturdays at 10am or 1pm & Sundays at 1:30pm


Important Dates, Social EventsTournaments


Saturday 4/30: League Entry Deadline NYLBC



Sunday 5/1: Opening Day Ceremony Club Game & Potluck, 12pm start

Tuesday 5/10: CPC Women's Committee Champion Members, 4 to 6pm*

Weekend 5/14 - 15: Colin Smith Pairs (Essex) NED

Wednesday 5/18: New Member Welcome Social, 5:30pm to Dusk

Thursday 5/19: Mars Corporate Event, 5 to 7pm

Sunday 5/22: Primavera Pairs (Out of the Hat) NYLBC

Monday 5/30: Memorial Day: Dong Kingman Jr. Tribute, Club Game, & Potluck

* rain date:  Wednesday 5/11


Weekend 6/11 - 12: Ron Buck Singles (Skytop) NED

Wednesday to Sunday 6/15,12pm - 6/19:  Green Reserved for NYCC

Saturday 6/18:  Challenge Cup with Thistle LBC (Hartford, CT)

Thursday 6/23: Club Social, 6pm to Dusk

Friday 6/24: Heathcare Worker Appreciation Event (tentative)

Saturday 6/25: George Reid Pairs (Pick Your Partner) NYLBC

Saturday to Monday 6/25 - 27: US Pairs Playdown (Pittsburgh) NED


Saturday 7/2: Firecracker Pairs (Out of the Hat) NYLBC

Monday 7/4: Independence Day Club Game & Potluck, 1pm start

Weekend 7/ 9 -10: Hall of Fame Triples (Central Park) NED

Saturday 7/16: Dog Day Doubles (Pick a Novice) NYLBC

Sunday 7/17:  Challenge Cup II with Thistle LBC (Central Park)*

Saturday 7/23: Greensward Circle Event, 4 to 6pm

Saturday to Monday 7/23 - 25: US Singles Playdown (Pittsburgh) NED

Saturday to Sunday 7/30 - 31:  Green Reserved for NYCC



Weekend 8/6 - 7: Saladin Pairs (Pittsburgh) NED

Saturday 8/13: Waterford Pairs (Pick a Partner) NYLBC

Sunday 8/14: JCC Adaptations Event

Thursday 8/18: Club Social, 6pm to Dusk

Saturday to Thursday 8/20 - 25: Open (Skytop/Buck Hill) NED

Sunday 8/28: 1920's Day (Fun Format) NYLBC


Monday 9/5: Labor Day 'Short Jacks' Club Game & Potluck, 1pm start

Saturday 9/10: New Member Invitational (Central Park) NYLBC

Weekend 9/10 - 11: Arculli Pairs (Essex) NED

Weekend 9/17 - 18: East Coast Challenge (Asheville) NED

Wednesday to Sunday 9/22,12pm - 9/25:  Green Reserved for NYCC



Saturday 10/1:  League Bracket Championship NYLBC*

Sunday 10/2: The Kingman Classic Club Championship NYLBC**

Sunday to Sunday 10/2 - 9: US Open (So. California) Bowls USA

Thursday 10/6: All Souls Bowls, 6pm to Dusk

Monday 10/10: Columbus Day Club Game & Potluck

Monday to Saturday:10/31 - 11/5: National Championships (Sun City, AZ) Bowls USA

* rain date:  Sunday 10/8  ** rain date:  Sunday 10/9


TBD:  Bowls & Croquet Day