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Sponsored Events

To bring the joys of lawn bowling in the beauty of Central Park to a broader range of New Yorkers the New York Lawn Bowling Club supports private and corporate groups holding events on the green.  The Club actively engages with groups to insure that their events are successful from organizing all aspects of the games through advising on and supporting logistics.

Come to the green for socializing, fun, team building, some real bowling competition and so much more.

"Everyone is speaking so highly of our bowling event yesterday.  Thanks so much." - Tilly, KPMG

"I just got a few texts about how much fun it was and how super nice your team is!" - Kathie, Vornado Realty Trust

"The event couldn’t have gone any better!  In fact it worked so well that I’d like to do it at your club every year." - Brett, Rensselaer Alumni Association

Thank you again for such a FABULOUS day at NYLBC.  All of the girls had an outstanding time and are so appreciative of the guidance you all provided us." - Jane, The Camaraderie Group

"We were hoping we could host another bowls event this year! Do you have availability." - Leesa, Monash University

"Thank you for a fantastic morning at the club. Your members looked after us really well and the whole team really enjoyed themselves." Nick, NAB

"Huge thanks to you & your wonderful team, we felt so welcomed, everyone had such a FANTASTIC time, they absolutely loved  meeting all the members - it was the perfect afternoon." - Melissa, Frenchette Bakery


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