Bowling Etiquette

  • Players and spectators at the head end should stand still and keep quiet.

  • When it’s your team’s turn to bowl it’s your mat and head, your opponents should be away from both, if they are not ask them nicely to move.

  • Wait for your skip to tell you which shot you should play, keep up with play at all times.

  • Do not trespass into neighboring rinks; this includes going to or from the clubhouse, moving to better see the jack, and particularly when walking from one end of your green to the other. Please be aware of others playing. If you are helping your teammate aim, do not infringe upon neighboring rinks

  • Walk up the center of the rink with minimum delay, if it is not your team’s turn to bowl.  Do not stop to chat in the middle of the rink if it's not your head or mat.

  • After bowling each bowl, step off the mat to the right. As you approach the mat to bowl, do so from the rear left. Though not essential, this is a useful habit of convenience to avoid collisions!

  • Always show good sportsmanship by acknowledging a display of good skill by another bowler.

  • Never applaud lucky shots, never complain about lucky shots, and admit a lucky shot with good grace. Do not say thanks for a bad shot that goes you way.

  • Do not criticize the playing surface.

  • Do not criticize the performance of colleagues. No one plays a bad bowl on purpose.

  • Avoid delaying play by leaving the rink without the knowledge of the other players.

  • Avoid interfering with the head until the results of the end have been agreed upon by the vices.

  • If an Umpire is called, move away, you’re done, his/her decision is final.

  • Shake hands at the end of a game.