Our greens are provided and maintained by the Central Park Conservancy and we are under their strict jurisdiction.  Please obey the following rules:


  • Central Park rules dictate that there is no smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages on the bowling green or within the clubhouse.

  • Please keep the gate closed when you are on the green.  Both lawn bowlers and croquet players often have personal items that may be “tempting” to non-members.

  • Dogs are not permitted on the green.

  • Club equipment is available for club members only.  

  • Please ensure that all equipment is neatly stored and the box locked before you leave the green.

  • Ground sheets must be used to protect the green at all times.

  • Please take extra care not to bounce the bowls or create divots on the green.

  • We recommend that you are supervised by a seasoned club member until you are familiar with the game.

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