Games consist of both Social Bowling, Club Games and Tournaments.


Social Bowling is an informal game played in whatever form the players agree.  No entry fee and no dress requirements, except for flat-soled shoes.

Club games are held on weekends.  Preferred format is pairs with teams selected at random (out-of-the-hat) to encourage newer member participation.


Tournaments are scheduled throughout the season.  Start times and format may vary and players should arrive a little bit early to ready for an on-time start.  For club games and tournaments, players are encouraged to wear club attire (whites or club polos).  Entry fees provides prize money incentive for the winner. 

Each season, the NYLBC hosts a NED-sponsored tournament in Central Park.  Members are encouraged to refine their skills by playing in all NED-sponsored events as well as inter-club matches and other bowling events held throughout the year.  Flat-soled shoes are always required on the green.


Greens may be closed due to inclement weather, wet greens, or park maintenance.