League Play

Join us for 2021 League Play!

How it Works: Each participant plays a qualifying round of 4 scheduled singles matches in May. Players with the best records advance to the elimination round with a winner crowned in September.

Flexible Scheduling: Play Matches on your own schedule. Players will contact their designated opponent to play their Match at a mutually convenient time so long as their Match is completed by the scheduled Match deadline. You will typically have 2 weeks to play each Match. Player contact information can be found on the Member Info page on the club website’s Member Portal. Failure to play your Match within the designated timeframe shall result in a Default for both Players. Three (3) defaults eliminate a player from competition.

Optional Pick a Partner: If you cannot commit to playing a full Match Schedule, you can team with another Club Member as exclusive “Singles Partners” to play one or more scheduled matches in each other’s behalf. Single Partner selections must be made prior to the start of the season and cannot be changed once the Season has begun. Singles Partner cannot play on multiple teams.

Rink Availability: We will reserve 2 rinks for League Play for weekday afternoon and evening play as well as from 10am to 12pm on weekend days when Club Games are scheduled. Players who play League Matches on the weekends are encouraged to remain and participate in the Club Games that follow. Except for Monday’s Open House hours, players may play their League Matches at any time on any available rink.

Standings: Standings are published periodically throughout the season ranking each Player by  accumulated points.

Award: At season’s end, the players with the highest point total will compete in an elimination playoff with the winner crowned the “League Champion”. The Champion will have their name memorialized on a perpetual trophy maintained by the Club and displayed at the Clubhouse. There shall be no prize money awarded.

Entry Fee: $20 per Player; No extra charge for Singles Partners.

Entry Deadline: Friday April 30.