Welcome to the New York Lawn Bowling Club!

This information is designed to give basic information about the club. Additional information is available on our website.(www.nybowls.com.)  

Click here to view a .pdf of the Constitution and By Laws of the NYLBC


Getting Started:

  • All members will receive a key to the Lawn Sports Center and the combination to the padlocks on the Green.

  • The NYLBC will obtain a players permit for you from the NYC Parks Department once you have paid your annual club dues.


Club Attire:

  • Club Members wear all white for club games and tournaments (weekends only).

  • Whites not required for social games and open houses (during the week).

  • Flat-soled, no heel, shoes are required for play on the Green.  Bare feet are not allowed.

  • Open houses are Mondays at 5pm and Social games are Wednesdays and Thursdays at 5pm. The Green is available for social play at other times too, assuming there are no private events, and weather permitting.

  • All regular games and other special events will be posted on the club’s online calendar at www.nybowls.com.  


Club Games: Saturdays at 1pm and Sundays at 1:30pm

  • Please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start time.

  • Games typically last 2½ to 3 hours.

  • When you arrive, please place your red name square tags into the draw box (Lead for beginners; Skip for advanced), as well as a $1 entry fee per player. The draw box will be in the Lawn Sports Center until 10 minutes before the game start time, at which point it will be moved to the green.

  • All club games are usually pairs games, played “out of the hat,” meaning partners and opponents will be determined by a draw.

  • An informal social often takes place after play. Members are encouraged to bring snacks and/or drinks to share.

  • We encourage all members to assist with setting up and cleaning up after club games and socials.



  • Tournaments are scheduled throughout the season. The schedule is posted on our website – www.nybowls.com.

  • Tournaments are usually played on Saturdays and begin at 9 am. They typically include 3 games and last all day. The entry fee is $10 per player.

  • Usually tournaments are for teams of two, but there is also one singles and one triples tournament . In some tournaments partners are selected “out of the hat.” Others allow you to pick your own partner in advance.

  • Tournament rules and sign-up details will be announced by email and posted in the clubhouse at least one week in advance.

  • Beginners are encouraged to participate.

  • The club also hosts one Northeast Divisional (NED) tournament each season. NED tournaments follow special rules and which will be explained in a separate email.




  • The Conservancy maintains the Green.

  • Maintaining the Green is a delicate and important process, particularly when the grass is wet. Protective ground sheets (placed in front of the delivery mat) will be used to prevent divots on the Green. The ground sheets are in the green storage bin, on the green, and can be secured to the grass with golf tees. (no nails, they damage the lawn mower).

  • Regardless of the conditions, bowls must be rolled smoothly and not tossed or lobbed on the green.

  • When the Conservancy has placed a red flag on the Green, the Green is closed. We will do our best to email members and post on the website, when this is the case.

  • Please refer to “Greens Guidelines” on the website (www.nybowls.com.) for additional information.

  • All members will receive the combination to the padlock that secures the gate to the Green. Please ensure that the lock is closed if you are the last to leave.



  • Club bowls are available for new members to use and must be returned to the storage bin after use. The Club cannot guarantee the availability of club bowls for any particular member or event. Club bowls are for use only on the Club Green.

  • Club bowls are stored in the storage bin next to the Lawn Sports Center. The key to this bin is next to the name tags.

  • Bowls are sized based on hand size. They also come in different “biases” (the arc of the bowl’s path on the green). Please ask a board member or seasoned bowler for help with sizing.

  • Training bowls are not permitted to be used in NED tournaments.

  • Members must purchase their own set of bowls by their third season in the club. If you would like more information about buying bowls, please talk with the Club Equipment Manager.


Lawn Sports Center and Lockers:

  • The Conservancy allows our Club and the Croquet Club to use the Lawn Sports Center for our equipment and supplies. Please be respectful of this shared space and help to keep it clean.

  • Absolutely no alcohol is to be stored in the Lawn Sports Center, this includes the refrigerator.

  • If you notice that any supplies (toilet paper, soap, etc.) are running low, or a repair needs to be made, please tell a Board Member.

  • Lockers are available (in limited supply) for Club Members to rent.


Lawn Bowling Rules and Etiquette:

Several resources are available on our website (www.nybowls.com.) to explain bowling rules, terminology and etiquette.

Please review the following pages:

  • “Lawn Bowling 101”

  • “Lawn Bowling Etiquette” 

  • “Lawn Bowling Glossary”



Member news and schedule changes will be announced via email and posted on the website.(www.nybowls.com.) For any additional questions, please email nylawnbowling@gmail.com and one of our board members will get back to you.


Thank you and have a great season!