Primavera Pairs


Firecracker Pairs


George Reid Pairs

1st Place - Ryan Hastu/Joe Kelly

​2nd Place - Les Winter/Mark/Ragen

Dog Day Doubles

1st Place - Les Winter/Wes Moe

​2nd Place - 4 way tie

Waterford Pairs

1st Place - Les Winter/John Chuck Moon

2nd Place - Ryan Hastu/Jeff Wooley

The Kingman Classic

​1st Place - Richard Marcus

​2nd Place - Wes Moe

​3rd Place - Yatish Uchil

League Play

​1st Place - Mark Ragen

​2nd Place - Les Winter


Arthur Morse Singles

1st Place - Brian Frankel

2nd Place - Ron Forlenza

3rd Place - Joe Kelly

Firecracker Pairs

1st Place - Edward Last/Barry Kessler

​2nd Place - Ryan Hastu/Jean Dubin

3rd Place - Joe Kelly/Ron Stubing

George Reid Pairs

1st Place - Ryan Hastu/Joe Kelly

​2nd Place - Les Winter/Mike Armstrong

​3rd Place - Brian Frankel/Barry Kessler

Dog Day Doubles

1st Place - Les Winter/Mark Regan

​2nd Place - Mike Armstrong/John Irvin

​3rd Place - Ron Forlenza/Barry Kessler & John Burke/Patience Freeman (tie)


Waterford Pairs

1st Place - Les Winter/Ryoto Aono

2nd Place - Ron Forlenza/Krista Stein

3rd Place - Richard Marcus/Patience Freeman

The Kingman Classic

​1st Place - Barry Kessler

​2nd Place - Les Winter

​3rd Place - Edward Last


League Play

​1st Place - Les Winter

​2nd Place - Brian Upbin

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