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An interview with Joe and Ryan that aired on CBS TV 8/25/15

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A video from The Gothamist about our Visually Impaired Bowlers

"Bowling Green" is not just a stop on the 4 & 5 trains

Joe and Ryan are Official US Lawn Bowling Association Coaches


During a recent trip to Wiliamsburg, VA for a tournament, Joe and Ryan, NYLBC Vice President, took part in a two day training course run by the USLBA.  In a recent interview, Ryan said, "Our main role will be training, assessing and developing new, intermediate and seasoned bowlers. We are also responsible for ensuring that all bowlers understand the basic rules, etiquette and tactics of the game. There are many more responsibilities, including creating a uniformed way of training novices at our opening house, and Joe and I will create a training outline for those who are involved in receiving new members.


The two day training session was conducted by Jackie Tucker, National US Champion and Heather Stewart, President of Bowls USA. Their vision is to elevate this sport to a level of recognition and respect that it deserve and ensure that all bowlers new and seasoned developed skills to their highest potential.


We will also develop training and coaching sessions throughout the season."

New USLBA Coaches Joe and Ryan

Lawn bowling enthusiasts and the City initiated Bowling Green Park, the first public park in New York, in 1733 for recreation and the enjoyment for all its inhabitants.  Bowling Green Park is located between the former Customs House and the Bull sculpture in the financial district.  


Dong Kingman, below, our former president, visited Bowling Green park in August and recalled that the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation invited the New York Lawn Bowling Club to help celebrate Bowling Green Park's  250th anniversary.  "Commissioner Stern, council members, dignataries, school children and media attended. The students had a great time rolling the bowls with the club members," said Kingman.