A New Vision for the
Central Park Greens & Mineral Springs

Rebuild of the Central Park Greens

Lawn bowling and croquet each demand a smooth, flat playing lawn that emphasizes player skill, accuracy and strategy, rather than strength.  Under proper conditions, lawn sports provide balanced competition, fitness, and fun for all persons, regardless of age, gender, or physical challenge.  Now nearly 100 years old, the Central Park greens have fallen into disrepair. The natural passage of time has brought settling of the foundation bed, encroachment from trees, infestation of weeds and rodents, incongruent seedings; to list but a few issues.

Revitalization of Mineral Springs

At the turn-of-the-1900’s, Mineral Springs was a popular family destination.  Alongside the greens, there originally stood a richly decorated Moorish style pavilion designed by Park co-designer Calvert Vaux.  Inside, the centerpiece was an ornate marble counter with silver faucets dispensing various mineral waters, then thought to provide numerous health benefits.  In July of 1869, The Times noted that “Thousands of people visit the springs early in the morning for the purpose of drinking the waters, and for recreation.”


The mid-20th Century proved unkind to the Pavilion.  By 1957, it was demolished.  One of Central Park’s most delightful architectural gems was lost forever.  The centennial celebration of lawn sports in Central Park gives us the perfect moment to return Mineral Springs to the worthy destination of its glory days.



The Greens


Planned Improvements

Reconstruction of the lawn bowling and croquet greens shall include:

  • re-setting of new plinth boards

  • modern irrigation and sub-surface drainage system installation

  • application of new root zone material, rolling, compaction, and laser leveling

  • new backboard installation

  • grass seeding, verti-cutting, and fertilization

  • installation of ADA-compliant stable cement entry and walkways

  • attractive wrought-iron fencing.

View East on the Greens (click to enlarge)

View North between the Greens (click to enlarge)

View North at the Gate Entrance (click to enlarge)

The Plaza


Planned Improvements

The rebuild of the plaza area surrounding the greens re-awakens the public to enjoy the beauty of Mineral Springs.  Planned accommodations include:

  • shaded seating and picnicking areas

  • vistas for safe spectating of bowling and croquet activities

  • installation of ADA-compliant cement access walkway ramp to the greens

  • attractive wrought-iron fencing


Future development would include the addition of a patio area to the existing Le Pan Quotidian Cafe and Lawn Sports Center and an extension of the plaza to the north to connect with a reconstructed Mineral Springs Pavillion.  These enhancements will provide the public with expanded facilities for refreshments, needed comfort facilities and other accommodations.  

View West Accessing the Greens (click to enlarge)

View West Approaching the Greens (click to enlarge)